Columbia University Medical Center


Ashok Litwin-Kumar, PhD

Ashok Litwin-Kumar, PhD
  • Department of Neuroscience
  • Assistant Professor of Neuroscience (in the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute)

Principal Investigator at Columbia's Zuckerman Institute

Lab Locations

Jerome L. Greene Science Center

3227 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

(212) 853-1832

Lab Website

Research Interests

Theoretical neuroscience
Systems and circuits
Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Lab Members


K. Eichler*, F. Li*, A. Litwin-Kumar* (*equal contribution), Y. Park, I. Andrade, C. M. Schneider-Mizell, T. Saumweber, A. Huser, C. Eschbach, B. Gerber, R. D. Fetter, J. W. Truman, C. E. Priebe, L. F. Abbott, A. S. Thum, M. Zlatic & A. Cardona (2017). The complete connectome of a learning and memory centre in an insect brain. Nature 548(7666), 175–182.

A. Litwin-Kumar, K. D. Harris, R. Axel, H. Sompolinsky & L. F. Abbott (2017). Optimal degrees of synaptic connectivity. Neuron 93(5), 1153–1164.

A. Litwin-Kumar, R. Rosenbaum & B. Doiron (2016). Inhibitory stabilization and visual coding in cortical circuits with multiple interneuron subtypes. Journal of Neurophysiology 115(3), 1399–1409.

B. Doiron, A. Litwin-Kumar, R. Rosenbaum, G. Ocker & K. Josić (2016). The mechanics of state dependent neural correlations [review]. Nature Neuroscience 19(3), 383–393.

A. Litwin-Kumar & B. Doiron (2014). Formation and maintenance of neuronal assemblies through synaptic plasticity. Nature Communications 5(5319).

A. Litwin-Kumar & B. Doiron (2012). Slow dynamics and high variability in balanced cortical networks with clustered connections. Nature Neuroscience 15(11), 1498–1505.