Columbia University Medical Center


Conference Rooms

Building Location Reservations / Contacts 
Kolb Annex 7th Floor, Room  729, 40 Haven Avenue
Calendar; 646-774-7325
Kolb Annex 3rd Floor, 40 Haven Avenue Sasha Tarasenko:;  646-774-8605
Kolb Annex 5th Floor, Room 570, 40 Haven Avenue Whitney Thomas:; 646-774-7300
P&S Building Taub Room, 12th Floor, 630 W 168th Street  Ping Feng:; 212-305-0719
Hammer Building 5th Floor Conference Room, 701 W 168th Street Laura Rickman:; 212-305-7921
P&S Building W. Duane Todd Amphitheater, P&S 16-405, 630 West 168th Street; 212-305-0719
Pardes Building - PI Hellman Auditorium, 1051 Riverside Drive; 646-774-7215
Black Building Pharmacology Library, Room 724,
650 W 168th Street
Karen Allis:; 212-305-4197

Other rooms are available through Resource 25. Please contact for assistance with scheduling.